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As-Run Log Files Info Page


Broadcasters have expressed a desire to initially submit through FTP file submission. Hudson MX is also currently testing an API for delivery log information which will be available free of charge to all broadcasters later this year.

In the meantime, please prepare to submit the log files via FTP. These should be as-run log files - ratings are not required.

Hudson MX accepts Logs Files in the TIP Initiative schema.

Two formats are accepted: JSON (preferred) or EXCEL.

Please review the TIP schema and required fields using the links below.

We ask that you submit a sample log file via the submission form below using the specified format by November 15th 2018. Required fields are highlighted in yellow in the “Definition of Fields” document provided in the link below.


The log files will need to be delivered daily to the HMX FTP server. FTP login details unique to each Seller partner will be shared directly no later than October 15th.

If you have any issues with the log file format or anticipate any difficulty in sending it, please reach out to our Seller Support Team (sellersupport@hudsonmx.com) and we will happily support.